October 16, 2010 at 4:06 pm

Boston Music Hack Day: Circuitbending Explained

Central to the hacker aesthetic is the concept of taking hardware designed to do one thing and forcing it to do another. These people simply cannot leave things be.

This afternoon, circuit-bending toy-hacker Jimmie Rogers is teaching those Boston Music Hack Day attendees who aren’t already furiously working on their creations how to hack the “Easy” button sold by a prominent retailer of office supplies, making it squeal when a human finger completes a circuit between two RCA jacks mounted on top.

Rogers often takes this show on the road; if you’re interested in participating, check out his blog for details, where he also sells a couple of circuit-bending kits. In the following video, he demonstrates a circuit-bent toy created from an inexpensive garage sale purchase and one of the hacked “Easy” buttons participants in his workshops learn how to (re)make:

YouTube Preview Image

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