December 1, 2010 at 4:39 pm

SoundCloud Adds Record Button to Web, iPhone Apps (Updated)

SoundCloud has been impressing onlookers for over a year now with its clean interface for sharing music on the web, which appears to be the first major update to the MySpace concept that makes sense to people who use Twitter.

Now, the site has added a big old record button, allowing anyone with a microphone to get in on the action. To access it, in order to create your own easily-shareable recordings using your computer’s microphone, click “upload and share.”

Plenty of other companies have tried this concept before, of letting people record voice messages online, but so many people already use SoundCloud (and the interface is so solid) that this record button might actually lead to some ears.

The company announced this nifty, simple new feature with — what else — a SoundCloud recording:

Update: The SoundCloud smartphone app now has a record button too.