December 15, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Graphical Robyn Remix Web App Shares Mixes, Your Name Included

Swedish pop chanteuse Robyn embraced the ongoing trend towards releasing music that people can play around with in addition to just listening to it, with a uniquely-designed web-based remix app. The Robyn Interactive Beat Machine makes it easy for anyone capable of using a web browser to create a remix of her song “We Dance to the Beat” in real time, suitable for sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Once the web app loads and you’ve entered your name (so that it can appear as a text-to-speech voice in your remix), you’re presented with a “sample scope” of sorts that hovers over any four contiguous samples on a seemingly-infinite grid. At any given time, your song consists of those four samples, which you can tweak by clicking on them. In order to make one sample louder than the others, hold your mouse pointer over it.

That’s pretty much it. Despite or perhaps because of its simplicity, we found the Robyn Interactive Beat Machine to be enjoyable and somewhat addictive; the tendency is to keep scrolling through to find new sounds and samples.

It’s impossible to know what you’re triggering it until you trigger it, because each sample is represented by a seemingly-random video loop. However, these visual elements add to the overall feel, and the inability to select samples by instrument, melody, or so on makes the app more inviting to non-musicians.

Of course, an app like this is nothing without a solid sharing feature, because you’ll want other people to hear what you’ve made. The app offers direct sharing to Twitter and Facebook, but we discovered that it’s also possible to pretend like you’re going to share your mix on Facebook and copy the URL, without actually sharing it. That way, you can link to your mix from a web page, email, instant message, or whatever, in addition to the official sharing channels, which is how I obtained the below URL.

Here’s my Robyn Interactive Beat Machine mix, including my name and the haphazard remixing decisions I made. You can also hear other peoples’ mixes, or create your own.

(via Music Ally)