February 21, 2011 at 5:16 pm

DJs, Venues Can Pick Best Music Based On Foursquare Check-Ins

Youzakk chooses the best music for any venue using FourSquare, Hunch and Spotify

The art of DJ-ing a club or even choosing a playlist for a local restaurant or bar is not just about making yourself happy — it’s mainly about factoring in the predilections of the clientele. After all, nobody wants to choose a track that clears the dancefloor or has a venue’s customers reaching for their coats.

Youzakk (video demonstration below) takes the guesswork out of these scenarios by mining freely-available personal data on the internet. First, it figures out who is there using Foursquare check-ins; then finds out what music they like using Hunch; and finally, Youzakk outputs this information in the form of a Spotify playlist.

In addition to being interesting in its own right, Youzakk tells us something about the future. If this approach takes hold (and really, why wouldn’t it?), people who choose to make their location details available on services like Foursquare and track their listening habits on services like Last.fm and Facebook will exert more control on their surroundings than those who prefer to stay off the grid.

Ultimately, venues and DJs have another reason to use Youzakk or something like it, in addition to keeping customers happy: Attendees will probably be more likely to check-in if they know that doing so will bend the music to their taste, thus raising the visibility of the venue or DJ.

Nick Ursa and Olof Mathé created Youzakk in as part of Music Hack Day New York earlier this month. Here’s our video of Mathé demonstrating their impressive creation at that event:

YouTube Preview Image