March 9, 2011 at 12:23 pm

‘Isle of Tune’ for iPad Applies Farmville Style to Music Making

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Isle of Tune, the Farmville-looking music creation tool whose web version we profiled over the winter holidays, is coming to the Apple iPad.

The idea here is to plunk down houses, trees and other objects representing notes and drumbeats in strategic locations on a suburban street in order to compose music that plays when a car drives by. The iPad, with its large touchscreen, seems like highly suitable platform for this particular app. Isle of Tune developer Jim Hall tells that the iPad version is in “the very final stages of development,” so we expect it to be available soon.

Creating a song with Isle of Tune is arduous if you’re used to laying down tracks with a traditional music instrument. But if you’re familiar with step-based sequencers (like this awesome bell-based one), with which you craft loops one step at a time by deciding what will occupy each beat of each measure, Isle of Tune will feel remarkably familiar despite its Farmville-style interface.

Things get a bit tricky if you try to create something complicated, like “Smoke on the Water” or “Star Wars Imperial March,” because you need to time each loop so that it makes sense with the other loops, all of which have cars driving on them. But judging by the number of votes on the web based version (nearly 70,000 for and against the top-ranked “Beat It“), plenty of people are already getting a kick out if Isle of Tune, even before the iPad and iPhone versions have been released. It makes sense in a way, because Farmville, too, seems to eat up lots of hours.

  • MattRix

    FYI the star wars link actually goes to smoke on the water.