April 13, 2011 at 3:05 pm

Musicality Quiz App Sounds Great in Theory

Musicality, an iPhone app whose price just dropped from $2 to free, sounds like a fantastic way to rediscover your music collection. The app purports to answer a series of question with music from your iPhones library, which would be neat, if it worked.

Musicality (not to be confused with the $6 Mac App Store client for Pandora, Last.fm and Grooveshark) could use lyrics and semantic data to answer questions such as “Why did the chicken cross the road?” and “What do my friends think of me?” or any questions you enter yourself. But if it’s doing so, we couldn’t tell.

Once this app has identified the song in your collection that “best” answers a given question, the app presents a number of ways to find out more the song, in the form of links to Wikipedia, Song Meanings, YouTube, Song Facts, and Ticketmaster. However, this feature rarely worked in our testing, because the app conducts a search, and rarely comes up with the correct song, artist or album on these services.

This idea is interesting. If it worked, Musicality would be a fine new way to filter one’s music collection, and we can see schoolkids who are seem to be find of this sort of thing. And the idea of being able to research any song in your collection on the web is quite appealing.

As things stand, however, we were hard-pressed to uncover the rationale behind any of its answers. Have a look: