April 26, 2011 at 1:10 pm

LiveStream: Rethink Music Conference

Those of us who aren’t at the Rethink Music Conference in Boston, where academics, rockstars, executives, government officials, and other thinkers are mixing it up an an effort to reinvent the future of the music industry on April 26 and 27, can check it out here on the conference’s LiveStream.

We’ve listed the full program below the video, so you can see what’s coming as you follow along on Twitter and ask questions on Interacteev. Between the video and the feeds, it’s almost like being there — a fine deal considering the $995 on-site registration fee.

Here’s the full remaining schedule courtesy of RethinkMusic.com:

1:30-2:30pm [on Tuesday, April 26]

Models – Access and “in the cloud”
The “in the cloud” or on-demand subscription option for music has been available to consumers for years, but continues to languish. What will it take for consumers to adopt this model, and if they do, can widespread adoption significantly impact the industry’s bottom line? What are the impediments to so-called “locker services” and implication of Amazon’s recent offering? What impacts do the DMCA and the Viacom/YouTube case have?

Moderator: Don Gorder, Chair of the Music Business Department, Berklee College of Music

David Hyman, Founder/CEO, MOG
Brad Navin, CEO, The Orchard
Jon Potter, CEO, RPG Strategies
Jon Vanhala, SVP Digital Business Development, Island Def Jam
Zahavah Levine, Director of Content Partnerships, Android/Google


Research presentations
Copyright Research Presentations from Berklee College of Music, Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law, and Columbia University

“Inflation and US Music Mechanicals, 1976-2010″; Peter Alhadeff & Caz McChrystal, Berklee.
“Three Strikes And Other Trends In Copyright Law -A European Perspective”; Kaya Koeklue, Max Planck Institute.
“Managing Online Music Rights in the EU Digital Single Market”, Giuseppe Mazziotti, Columbia.


Conversation with Joe Kennedy, CEO of Pandora
Interviewer: Allen Bargfrede, Assistant Professor, Music Business, Berklee College of Music


Conversation with Metric and Matt Drouin

Interviewer: Dave Kusek, CEO, berkleemusic.com


Working together to create a bigger pie instead of fighting for slices of a shrinking pie
Three 18-minute TED-style presentations: one each by a label representative, a publisher, and a distributor, who will each discuss from their perspective how we can work together to grow the music industry.

Label: Thomas Hesse, President, Global Digital Business, Sony Music
Publisher: David Israelite, President and CEO, National Music Publishers’ Association
Distributor: Jeff Price, CEO, Tunecore


Artists and managers – Our perspective
We’ll sit down with leading managers and artists for their perspective on the current state of the music industry, what’s working for them, and what they foresee in the future.

Moderator: Ralph Jaccodine, Ralph Jaccodine Management

Bertis Downs, Manager, REM
Mark Kates, Fenway Recordings
Michael McDonald, Mick Management
Paul McGuinness, Principle Management
Mike Mills, REM
Simon Renshaw, Strategic Artist Management


Closing remarks – Allen Bargfrede, Assistant Professor, Berklee College of Music and author, Music Law in the Digital Age


Private Concert at Berklee Performance Center

Julia Easterlin
Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears
Amanda Palmer/Ben Folds/Damian Kulash/Neil Gaiman


After party, presented by the Echo Nest

April 27, 2011 – Day Two, at Hynes Convention Center


Welcome remarks – Chris Bavitz, Assistant Director, Cyberlaw Clinic, Berkman Center for Internet and Society


Models – The next generation record label
The last ten years have seen many changes in music distribution, and in the functions offered and provided by record labels. What is the role of the label in the future? What must they do to thrive yet again as a business entity?

Moderator: Richard Gottehrer, Chief Creative Officer, The Orchard

Rich Bengloff, President, A2IM
Phil Hawken, COO, ESL Music
Neil Jacobsen, SVP, A&R, Interscope Records
Tom Silverman, Founder, Tommy Boy Records


The current state of copyright law
Where do we stand on the performance rights act? What are the implications in 2013 of the termination of transfer provision? What about recent court decisions on fair use? Our panelists will discuss the best ways to protect content under current law.

Moderator: John Kellogg, Assistant Chair, Music Business Department, Berklee College of Music

Olufunmilayo Arewa, Associate Professor of Law, Northwestern University
Derek Crownover, Partner, Crownover Blevins
Mark Fischer, Partner, Duane Morris
Adam Parness, Senior Director of Licensing, Rhapsody
MaryBeth Peters, Former Register of Copyrights


Models – Alternative compensation schemes
Many alternative compensation schemes for recorded music, such as legislated blanket licensing, have been proposed in a few international jurisdictions. We’ll interview speak with representatives from Brazil, a country that has been nontraditional in its copyright schemes, as well as look at the impediments to adopting such a scheme in the U.S.

Moderator: Terry Fisher, Professor, Harvard Law School
Volker Grassmuck, Sociologist and Media Researcher
Jim Griffin, Managing Director, OneHouse LLC
Ronaldo Lemos, Director, Center for Technology and Society, Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) School of Law
Lawrence Lessig, Professor, Harvard Law School


Student Presentations
Students from Berklee and Harvard will present their ideas about music business models and copyright, and we’ll discuss some of the creative things they’re doing to get their careers started.

Host: Roger Brown, President, Berklee College of Music


Entrepreneur Presentations

J.J. Rosen, CEO, Indaba
J Sider, CEO and Founder, RootMusic
Matt Snyder, President, MediaMob
Alex White, Founder, NextBigSound


Conversation with Amanda Marks

Interviewer: Stefanie Henning, CMO, berkleemusic.com


The future of copyright law – Enforcement, graduated response, and COICA
We’ll look at proposed legislative changes and their progress in Washington. Our panelists will also discuss what it takes to make a fundamental shift at the regulatory level, what the appropriate enforcement mechanisms going forward should be, and the ways in which ISPs could be involved, given their unique position and ability to control content.

Moderator: Jonathan Zittrain, Professor, Berkman Center for Internet and Society and Harvard Law School

Rep. John Conyers, Jr., Ranking Member, House Judiciary Committee
Dr. Kaya Koklu, Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law
Tom Rubin, Chief Counsel for Intellectual Property Strategy, Microsoft
Cary Sherman, President, RIAA
Fred von Lohmann, Senior Copyright Counsel, Google


Models – DIY and ancillary revenue streams – creating a middle class of artists
There are myriad options available to artists for do-it-yourself distribution, but can success truly come without a record label? We’ll discuss new revenue streams for musicians, and how various revenue streams can be utilized to support careers in today’s industry. Is income from ancillary revenue streams sufficient?

Moderator: Bruce Burch, Director, Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program, Kennesaw State University

Nancy Baym, Associate Professor of Communications, University of Kansas
Julie Feeney, Artist
Bruce Houghton, Founder, Hypebot.com
Bob Cramer, CEO, Nimbit
Tim Nilson, CTO, Direct-to-Consumer, Sony Music
Panos Panoy, CEO, Sonicbids


Conversation with Lyor Cohen

Interviewer: Michael Fitzgerald, Nieman Journalism Fellow, Harvard University


Business model competition presentations with HBS
Finalists from the business model competition from Harvard Business School will present, while panelists will grade the plans and offer input about proposed business models.


Songwriters and publishers – Our view
So much focus is given to artists and their ability to survive and thrive in today’s music world. What about those who write songs for a living, and publishers who monetize those musical compositions? Synch revenue continues to grow, but is it enough to offset declining mechanical royalties? Our panelists will discuss their thoughts on the future of the music industry.

Moderator: Jay Rosenthal, SVP and General Counsel, NMPA

Maggie Martin, Manager Film/TV, EMI Music Publishing
Ralph Peer, CEO, peermusic
Bob Regan, Songwriter
Bill Whelan, Composer, Riverdance


Policy paper competition presentation and Future of Music artist case studies
Mary LaFrance, IGT Professor of Intellectual Property Law at William S. Boyd School of Law, UNLV, will present her paper selected during a Call for Papers run by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society in early 2011. The Future of Music Coalition will present about the organization’s ongoing Artist Revenue Streams project, which analyzes the ways artists are making money from their music and performances.


Technology, data, and music
As the online and mobile industries evolve, what types of new platforms are emerging? How can the infinite amount of data about music consumption and fans be used by artists and labels alike?

Moderator: Dave Kusek, CEO, berkleemusic.com

Eric Garland, Founder, BigChampagne
Jim Lucchese, CEO, EchoNest
Mark Piibe, EVP, Digital Business Development, EMI
Ian Rogers, CEO, Topspin
Fred Santarpia, General Manager, VEVO


Fred-friendly seminar on visions for the future
Experts from a variety of fields will tackle a hypothetical situation involving an artist and his/her future.

Moderator: Charlie Nesson, Professor, Harvard Law School

Bob Donnelly, Partner, Lommen Abdo
Larisa Mann, DJ
Jon Orwant, Engineering Manager, Google
Jason Sigal, Free Music Archive
Brad Sucks, Artist
David Marglin, Taste.com


Awards for policy proposal and business model, and closing remarks
Closing remarks by Terry Fisher, Director of the Berkman Center, and we’ll present the final awards for the winners of the $50,000 business model competition and the policy proposal paper competition.