May 9, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Muse iPhone App

muse iphone appAlternative band Muse has a special treat for its hardcore faithful: an iPhone app that functions like a special edition version of its album, rather than the usual promotional-style artist app. In other words, this app isn’t just for promoting music but for enjoying it, too.

Muse App for iPhone ($3), from Warner Music Group, packs a host of useful features to satisfy die-hard Muse fans, such as an interactive map that displays where Muse fans are located across the globe and a video player that includes official music videos, behind the scenes clips, and previously-recorded live concert footage.

muse iphone appMuse App also includes an upcoming show calendar that appears to be updated in real time when new shows are added, and an “appbook,” which is essentially the CD artwork from their latest album, The Resistance.

Most bands that have achieved this level of fame would be crazy to give away their album within a free app, but because this one costs $3, it includes the ability to listen to every song on the album, on-demand.

Taken together, this excellent artist app helps Muse superfans keep tabs on the band (and fellow fans) quickly and easily.

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