May 9, 2011 at 12:41 pm

RX Bandits iPhone App

rx banditsReggae rockers RX Bandits, on the eve of its farewell tour this summer, wins high praises for its iPhone app, which includes all the usual stuff one expects to see in an artist app but distinguishes itself by erring on the side of generosity.

The free RX Bandits iPhone app, designed by MixMatchMusic, lets fans stream the band’s entire catalog (including its latest album), as well as view its discography and purchase albums from that, if they happen to be missing any of those. (If so, shame on you, superfan!)

Twitter integration goes beyond the normal “here’s what I ate for breakfast”-type Tweets by including updates from not only the band’s official Twitter account but also from fellow RX Bandits fans. You also get a photo gallery, a concise band biography, and links to the band’s official merchandise store and all of its social networking pages.

While it doesn’t include anything truly groundbreaking, RX Bandits’ artist app does a fine job of keeping superfans connected with the band, which is the ultimate goal of any artist app, even those whose bands are about to break up.

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    What is the app called??