May 10, 2011 at 7:01 pm

Best, Worst Artist Apps For Fans with iPhones

Some apps serve up the entire world of music to smartphones and other devices, which is great, because $10 for 10 million songs is hardly a rip-off. But when it comes to your “desert island” bands — the ones whose recordings you’d choose to accompany years of solitude in a survival situation — it makes sense to subscribe to that artist specifically, instead of (or in addition to) to music in general.

Many of the earliest apps were dedicated to individual recording artists to help fans keep up with their latest releases, news, photos, tours, videos, and gossip in one handy place. Even better, from super fans’ perspective, artist apps are usually free because they’re promotional, in that using them makes it easier to find the stuff they want you to pay for. intern Peter Amara canvassed the artist apps in the iTunes app store looking for the best — and worst — apps dedicated to specific artists. Think of this as the tech version of those “best and worst-dressed” from celebrity gossip mags — except that an artist’s choice in apps could affect their career and popularity more than their choice in clothes ever could (with a few exceptions, of course).

Without further ado, we present his findings alphabetically within each section:

The 5 Best Artist Apps in iTunes



RX Bandits

Taylor Swift


The 5 Worst Artist Apps in iTunes

Bayside: Mobile Backstage

Chris Brown

Good Charlotte

Justin Bieber Track Q

Linkin Park