May 10, 2011 at 6:52 pm

Justin Bieber Track Q iPhone App

bieber appAmong the plethora of Justin Bieber apps that are currently saturating the app stores, one finds several that don’t quite live up to their full potential.

For example, the Justin Bieber Track Q app basically just repackages his YouTube, Facebook and Twitter feeds along with a few photos and charges fans $2 to view them, when many other artist apps are free.

The Bieber fan can expect music videos, interviews, and anything Bieber-related from YouTube, and thousands upon thousands of Bieber pics to gawk over. You also get the latest news from Bieber via his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

But overall, we found this app to be lacking in substance. Basically, it’s like having a massive photo album with thousands of Bieber pics to look at every day, alongside the YouTube, Facebook and Twitter feeds that fans are probably already following elsewhere already.

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