May 10, 2011 at 6:53 pm

Linkin Park iPhone App (Updated)

linkin park appLinkin Park’s official band app falls short, compared what’s on offer from other artists.

The iPhone app includes a well-organized news section that allows you to sort by news directly from the band and news submitted by each individual band member, and a tour dates section contains a full list of dates — so far so good.

However, the music section offers only 30-second samples from the band’s studio albums (see update below), the photos section is cluttered and disorganized, and we had a hard time finding our way around within it. A similarly cluttered video section includes some of the band’s music videos and live performances. The app does include a function to see Twitter updates from the band, but that is tucked inside the news section. Overall, we found this app to be too disorganized and its features too hard to find.

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Update: Since we initially looked at this app, new tabs have been added: a biography, a discography, a link to their official online store, a fan wall where fans can post messages to one another, an interactive map that shows where other LP fans are across the globe, and links to their social networking pages. New tabs include a link to subscribe to their newsletter and a ranking of the top 50 current LP users, which I feel could have been consolidated into one tab to make things simpler. All-in-all, the app has seen some substantial improvements, but I still feel can be better.