May 17, 2011 at 12:58 pm

HeartBeatMatch Introduces Soulmates with Music Taste, Location

If only online dating had been this customized when I was single.

I’ve seen a few new dating sites and apps appear in recent weeks, but this one is perfect for music nerds who want to make sure they don’t waste their time hanging out with someone who has bad taste.

Arshad Tayyeb, Daniel DeCovnick, Edward Aten, and Scott San Filippo used the Rdio API to create the as-yet-unreleased HeartBeatMatch iPhone app, which requires users to set up an account through their Rdio profiles and allow it to track their location.

Once the app is installed, whenever you’re near another HeartBeatMatch user, the app determines if your music taste overlaps enough with that person for an introduction. If so, the app sends both parties a notification to help them meet up in “real life,” or just get to know each other a bit better by exchanging messages and songs while flirting.

The app would work best in more neutral situations like bars, sidewalks, subways, and so on, because if you’re both at the same show, it’s pretty much a given that you like that band’s music. Of course, all of this presupposes the user is single and looking for a hookup, but even if not, it’s always nice to meet new friends with similar taste in music.

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