May 18, 2011 at 1:13 pm

Ghostly Discovery: A Smart, Glowing Interface to New Music

ghostly for the web

Ghostly Discovery is a free, mood-based music discovery tool for the web and iPhone that picks music for you based on how you’re feeling from Ghostly’s quality catalog of “experimental electronic stuff, more adventurous rockbands, straight-up techno, ambient and everything in between,” which the label has been accumulating since its formation in 1999.

ghostly iphoneIts interface is attractive, functions smoothly. A central ghost icon changes its color to match a color wheel around it, representing your mood. If you’re feeling energetic, touch the wheel until it points to the yellow area. If you’re feeling sad, glide the wheel until it reaches the pink sector.

Once you’ve selected a mood, this web or iPhone app will automatically play music that matches it, and you can request faster or slower tempos, too. In addition, you get a clever “digital/organic” slider that lets you shift between electronically- and acoustically-created music.

ghostly iphoneThe biggest drawback to these Ghostly apps is in its music library. Ghostly International, a record label, pulls its music from its own catalog, so unless you’re a devotee of the label, you’ll come across mostly unfamiliar artists. This stands to reason, because Ghostly created these apps for free because they serve to introduce new listeners to its catalog.

But Ghostly has a decent selection of music, so you still get a good amount of tunes, but it also means the musical options are a bit limited. That said, if your taste matches Ghostly’s, you’re sure to find all sorts of great additions to your library. As such, we have to wonder: Why doesn’t every label have an app like this?