May 18, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Moodstream Bewilders, Bombards, and Bedazzles


Moodstream by Getty Images took us on such a wild conceptual ride, with so many variables and experimental elements, that it’s almost more of an art installation than a mood music player.

Using this service, which Getty Images designed to showcase the audio, video and images it offers for licensing (so, to be fair, it’s not entirely a consumer-facing product), we entered a stream of images, music and video clips which ran over one another.

You can control the mood by selecting categories like “Stabilize: Reliable. Constant. Inviting. It reminds you everything’s OK.” To fine-tune the mix further, drag around sliders from nostalgic to contemporary, humorous to serious, and across other dichotomies.

All in all, Getty Images’s Moodstream is a bit overwhelming, in part because it juggles so many creative balls. Adding to its bewildering effect, the player only plays short snippets of music, and it wasn’t immediately apparent how to pause the music (only the video that runs with it). And after a few minutes of experiencing this data-blast of seemingly randomized content, we were keen to do so.

That said, if you have a big screen TV at home that can run the site, it would make a great party backdrop and conversation piece.