May 20, 2011 at 4:57 pm

Review: The Fader Mobile App

Launched last July for the iPhone, iPad, and Android, The Fader‘s mobile app wears the same look and feel as the trendsetting magazine and website of the same name.

This free app features all the amenities from The Fader‘ website and magazine; in addition to its written content (helmed by Matthew Schnipper, Peter Macia, and Sam Hockley-Smith), you get access to Fader TV, the publication’s Style and Art coverage, party information, and a message board for broadcasting your thoughts to fellow Fader enthusiasts.

Positives: The app feels like something The Fader would make — sleek and fashionable, and it moves well. Content is arranged by “Features” and “Blogs,” and you can either read all the blogs at once, or roll through specific sections (Ghetto Palms, Slept On, Freak Scene). Fader’s issue-specific podcasts are playable on the mobile app too, and you can listen to them while you read the write-ups.

Negatives: Well, it doesn’t have everything. For example, the most recent issue of The Fader focused on The Notorious BIG, but the mobile app only has one story that pertains to the late rapper (an interview with Sean “Puffy” Combs). Moreover, the articles it does post are truncated after four to six paragraphs, after which you’ll have to tap through to the web-based version.

Who It’s Great For: Anybody who reads The Fader regularly already knows its chief attraction: Its editorial staff flat-out knows where the next wave of talent is coming from. Because the relative unknowns in the music world don’t make for great magazine sales, a lot of those bands get coverage through The Fader‘s blogs, which are the best part of this app. If you’re into discovering music on the ground level, it’s worth checking out.

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