May 24, 2011 at 2:11 pm

Chilli X PlaySafe Reacts Lightning-Fast To Finger Swipes

playsafeAll car music apps are designed with simplicity in mind to some extent, because the whole idea is that they keep your eyes on the road, rather than forcing you to use tiny buttons and extensive menus. Chilli X’s PlaySafe ($1) is no exception.

The app is of the “don’t switch horses midstream” variety, in that you’re encouraged to decide what to listen to before you start driving. If you don’t, you’ll have to deal with an interface similar to the native iPod one, defeating the purpose of using a dedicated car music app.

PlaySafe lets you can import songs, playlists, artists, audiobooks, genres, podcasts, composers, compilations and/or albums, as well as cherrypicking individual songs rather than the entire list. When you’re doing this, PlaySafe recommends not choosing more than 250 songs in order to avoid “memory issues with some devices,” despite the existence of an Add All Songs button at the top of the import screen. However, on our iPhone 4, we imported over 600 songs at one time without encountering any problems.

playsafeThe controls (swipe left for rewind, swipe right for skip, or tap for play/pause) are easy to use, but more responsive than other car music apps. The next song starts playing almost immediately after you swipe. However, there’s no fancy stuff — no customization, no way to view your playlist, and so on.

Responsiveness and ease of use are the best things about this car music app. If you just need something simple to help you listen to music without crashing your car, it fits the bill –but if you’re looking for more advanced functionality, you’re better off with something else.