• http://j2labs.net Anonymous

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  • http://www.apriltara.com April Tara

    It’s already managed to leave a sour taste in my mouth.

    I tried logging in with my Facebook account since I have a friend who is on there and, according to their website, if you know someone who already has access, you can get right in. Nope, didn’t work.

    So I tried signing up for the invite list. All I get is an error message. Not sure if it just doesn’t like my answer in response to the “Lemmy vs. God” thing or what. I tried it with several different variations (caps, punctuation, etc.) and nothing worked.

    So….no thanks.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/adilkaouadji Adil Kaouadji

    the answer is ‘lemmy is god’

  • http://www.facebook.com/adilkaouadji Adil Kaouadji

    desperately need an invite! add me

  • Steekyjim

    Only works in the US. Looks like it’s already at the ‘lame’ stage. I prefered the World Wide Web before people started bringing real-world borders into it.

  • http://www.apriltara.com April Tara

    For the second time….

    Yeah, I get that. Seen the movie a hundred times. The problem was that my answer wasn’t being accepted, regardless of how I typed it.

    Lemmy IS God
    lemmy is god
    Lemmy is God.
    Lemmy is god
    Lemmy Is God
    Lemmy IS God!

    None of them worked…..

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  • Corey

    I wouldn’t blame Turntable for this — licensing music for online, worldwide distribution from jaded record labels is not exactly a one-click deal.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Robson/100002541228909 Joseph Robson

    I agree with april tara, this site will die fast !!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PFCI5VRUCYT6AVBT3P6ILV3COI Ophelia Millais

    I haven’t tried it, but after reading this, especially the part about the search, it just sounds like yet another way to sort of give people what they want—convenient, free music to listen to—without giving them what they really want, which is the ability to pick tunes without restriction, and to occasionally hear something new as picked by someone who knows what they’re doing and whose tastes are compatible with theirs. Well that, and the ability to store and use the music offline, again without restriction. Maybe I’m just a conspiracy theorist, but systems like this are never really about what they’re delivering to the users. My guess is the real value is in the data they can collect and sell to record companies and marketers. They can track (or even generate) interest in new artists, renew & track interest in catalog titles, and generally exploit demographic, usage, and playlist info. Knowing that new artist X gets played twice as much in rooms dominated by Norwegian metal loving 20-something males in Croatia is probably something the record companies will find valuable.

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  • Abc

    click on the lemmy vs god thing, it’ll give you the answer. as far as the facebook friend problem, that should work. if it really doesn’t, there is a glitch, which really no one can be blamed for.

  • Abc

    click on the lemmy vs god thing, it’ll give you the answer. as far as the facebook friend problem, that should work. if it really doesn’t, there is a glitch, which really no one can be blamed for.

  • Abc

    it definitely should work. worked for me as “lemmy is god.”

  • Abc

    it definitely should work. worked for me as “lemmy is god.”

  • http://www.apriltara.com April Tara

    *sigh* I give up.

    Guys…read the entire comment. I KNOW THE ANSWER IS “Lemmy IS God”…I said that like 4 times after originally stating that I tried it in many variations. I KNOW. I’m a very smart girl and I’ve seen ‘Airheads’ like 79 times.

  • Don Armstrong

    So, ummm, ya. I just found this site [evolver.fm] Big ups, awesome site btw.

    Anyways, I went to turntable.fm and clicked the facebook login thingy, fully expecting/waiting for it to tell me that none of of my friends are on it, blah blah blah. And, Voila, I’m in. I can guarantee you that NONe, of my friends are on this site, so there must be a glitch in the sys, but I don’t remember seeing the same black cat twice, and no armed men in black suits/sun glasses are shooting at me ;-0. All in all, I got in without a friend being on it already, just clicked the login with facebook button and the site loaded up.

    Just reading the site, I was thinking the lame factor was pretty high, and wouldn’t interest me much. I’m a bit surprised at how much I’m liking it so far.

  • Carlo Angelo Serapion

    There are a few sites like Turntable now. http://www.Lissn.com is like Turntable.fm but for conversations. Anyone tried it?

  • Stevecee1

    ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM?: Hi all, I signed up to Turntable.fm two nights ago via the Facebook link and it was great, created my own room, got DJ points etc. Trouble I am now facing is that when I go to log in via Facebook I always get the message: “An error occurred with turntable. Please try again later” Does anyone else experience this? When I look at my apps on Facebook it shows I am connected with turntable.fm so the link is there. My friend tried to gain access as he should be able to as I’m a member, but he gets the same message. The error box that pops up is from Facebook not Turntable, any ideas guys? Thank you, Steve

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1433494619 Michael S. Den Beste

    1. If you haven’t tried it, don’t slash it… why hate when you have no clue?
    2. Big splash –> Performance issues –> Get sued –> Go under/get bought –> Be lame ??? Are you mad?  Please read the news (Mashable?) before you make silly claims.  Turntable.fm isn’t gnutella.

    3. Like, Spotify, I predict all the “haters” out there will be on TT within the year and heralding it for the amazing thing it is, and the killer concept it introduces to the world, and how it’s opened the door to TRUE sharing of music, without compromising record labels, or recording artists.

  • Justin Brunsvold

    Very cool site.
    ViewingTree.com is another music site I came across which focuses on users creating and sharing Video playlists using specific genre tags. Very interesting concept.