May 25, 2011 at 10:09 am

WXPN’s Simple iPhone App Is All About the Music

This no-frills app allows users to listen to stream of the University of Pennsylvania-based WXPN as well as Y-Rock, the alternative station that went off the air in 2005 and became part of WXPN in 2006. Users can also access podcasts from the same services.

And that’s all she wrote, so far as the WXPN 88.5 / XPN iPhone app (free) goes. It’s super simple, but of a high quality. Both stations sounded good to our ear, with XPN offering more adult fare (such as a cut from the new Cars album) and Y-rock serving up edgier tracks (Primal Scream, Gang Gang Dance).

The app doesn’t allow you to access playlists — a feature included with most similar apps — which means you’ll have to either wait for DJ announcements or check the station’s website for more information, which is a drag.

The app does keep playing when closed, however, allowing users to multi-task on their phones while still listening to music. There is no offline mode, so stay mindful of your data plan or listen via Wi-Fi. Overall, you won’t get a lot of extras with this app, but you will get some great streaming music.