May 26, 2011 at 10:37 am

No More Excuses: Keynopia Lets Even the Clueless Design Apps

keynotopia designs iphone and android apps

If you think 500,000 iPhone apps is already way too many to choose from, you’re really in for it now.

Keynopia’s template-based app-design suite lets people with (hopefully) good ideas but few technical skills build apps for all of the major mobile platforms — iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook, the web, Windows Phone 7, Mac OS X, Blackberry, and Windows. And it lets you use well-known, easy-to-use presentation tools including Apple Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, or OpenOffice Impress, to do so.

Keynopia doesn’t come for free. Each presentation converter costs $39, and the templates for each app platform, which you’ll probably need too, cost an extra $9. Knowing the way of these things, eventually, someone will eat Keynopia’s lunch by offering the same thing as — what else — a freemium web app, but for now, $48 is a low price to pay for something that turns your hot air into an app design.

Making your million-dollar app idea into a design is only part of the battle, because you’ll still have to find a code monkey to build the thing. But with a design, you’ll be much closer to realizing your vision than you were when you were just boring your friends with talk of your idea.

To make the process even easier, Keynopia offers video tutorials such as “How to prototype an iPhone app in 13 minutes.” And, of course, the software itself is also available as an iPhone or iPad app.

(via tuaw)