June 1, 2011 at 11:48 am

This Week In Music Apps: Track Artists, Pair iOS Devices, and More

new music apps

SolidState lets you control music playback on one iOS device with another iOS device -- finally, a good use for that first-generation iPhone in your drawer.

App store watcher Peter Amara provided a comprehensive round-up of the new Android and iOS music apps to make a splash last week.

Meanwhile, the app world keeps turning. This week welcomes a new round of contenders in our second iteration of “This Week in Music Apps” you won’t want to miss.

Apple iOS iPhone/iPad

RadioPup (free): A personalized radio app that packs over 150 local stations spanning more than a dozen genres, radioPup chooses streams based on your location — almost like grandpa’s FM radio — but also offers artist information, purchasing options, and sharing through Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email.

ArtistID (free): Track your favorite artists and discover new ones with ArtistID’s thousand-plus artist profiles and over 100,000 song previews. Once you save your favorite artists in the app, you can easily track the latest news, reviews, music videos, and photos from their live shows.

MusicWatch (free): This organizing app, on the other hand, is all about staying on top of the flood of new releases that appears each week. Keeping track of this stuff can be fun, if you have all the time in the world, but those of us with broad tastes and busy schedules are liable to miss all sorts of jewels. MusicWatch’s automatic notifications can handle the busywork for you. We particularly appreciate that there’s no need to search for those artists manually, because this app does it all automatically with the click of a button, by scanning your iPhone’s iPod library. To update the list, simply refresh the list and the app adds new releases to your catalog.

SolidState (free; pictured above): Do you have an old iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad lying around — or even a spare (for example, an iPad you wouldn’t mind leaving hooked up to your stereo? SolidState lets you play music on one iOS device using a second via Wi-Fi. The overall effect is that of using Apple AirPlay — but without having to buy an Apple TV or AirPort Express. SolidState is also available as a Mac app, offering the same convenient playback over an iOS device from your Apple desktop or laptop computer.

Google Android

Audiomanager Pro ($3): Audiomanager Pro allows listeners to control music volume directly from the Android home screen with a resizable widget. Control freaks will appreciate the ability to save volume presets and even create an automatic schedule and shortcut for each sound profile, so that you get one volume when you wake up, another for your commute, another for your jog, and so on. In addition, you can customize the app’s appearance with over 100 skins available in the Android Market, in keeping with the Android platform’s free-spirited mentality.

Audio Player WithEQ Platinum ($10): This app brings crystal-clear audio and 10 band graphic equalization to Android at a moderate hit to your CPU and battery (and slightly greater one to your wallet). Skeptics need not act on blind faith; developer Cyberfort Japan are confident that after checking out the free trial, users will make the jump to this platinum version.

PowerAMP ($5): PowerAMP is a feature-loaded music player that works with all sorts of compressed audio formats (MP3, MP4/M4A, AAC, OGG, WMA (unprotected) and CD-quality lossless codecs (FLAC, WAV, APE, WV, and TTA). You can upgrade the 15-day free trial to the pro version for five bucks, by downloading the unlock app from the Android Market, which also gets you equalization, crossfading, a dynamic playback queue for making playlists on the fly, the ability to scrobble plays to Last.fm, and more.