June 8, 2011 at 5:49 pm

Watch the SoundCtrl FlashFwd Music App Awards

Want to watch a music app awards show, live from New York City’s Gramercy Theater, starting tonight at 8pm ET, with yours truly interviewing the winners at around 9:15 ET if all goes to plan?

Warning: This post contains a video that plays automatically, which is quite annoying, but there was no other way to embed it.

You can watch the entire SoundCtrl FlashFwd Awards in the chat-enabled video below.

Apparently, they’re also webcasting the cocktail hour starting at 7pm ET, although again, the award show doesn’t get underway until 8pm.

A concert will follow.

Awards will be presented in the following five categories (video below):

Mobile Award

Criteria: Applications that allow consumers to discover and share their daily music experience on the go and across multiple platforms.

Live Integration Award

Criteria: A company or individual that is creating and utilizing technologies that enrich and enhance the live music experience through audience, artist and industry collaboration.

Artist Integration Award

Criteria: Collaborative platforms which provide new ways for artists to create and share their music with a global audience of consumers.

SoundWave Award

Criteria: An individual who has a proven track record in advancing the interests and achievements of their own artists, the companies they work for and the industry at large.

Search & Discovery

Criteria: The technology tool and/or platform, which enables consumers to easily find music they want and to discover and connect with new artists/music genres.

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