June 9, 2011 at 2:40 pm

Steampunk Podalyzer App Knows What You Really Listen To

podalyzer dr podmoreWhat secrets lie within your iTunes listening habits? Dr. Podmore wants to know.

The free Podalyzer web app, created by the (we assume) fictional Dr. Podmore brings a steampunk aesthetic to the task of analyzing your listening habits and sharing your taste with your friends. Once you grant permission to the site’s applet, various machinations are set into motion that ultimately crunch your listening data into an attractive, vintage-looking chart.

Be forewarned: This app (powered by The Echo Nest, publisher of Evolver.fm) analyzes actual playcounts in iTunes. Even if you’ve stocked your collection with everything that rated over 8.0 on Pitchfork — but all you listen to is Lady Gaga — Podalyzer will know.

And it will tell your friends.

Like other social music services these days, Podalyzer logs you in via Facebook, so it shows you your friends’ results, and they can see yours.

Don’t worry too much about exposing mainstream listening habits to hipper-than-thou pals, though. Podalyzer also lists your rarities and obscurities underneath its analysis of what genres you listen to the most, so you can still show off the more rarified selections from your iTunes library — even if you don’t really listen to them.