June 10, 2011 at 2:10 pm

Wolfgang’s Vault’s ‘Concert Vault’ Channels Decades of Live Music onto iPhone, Android

Wolfgang’s Vault‘s Concert Vault app exploded onto the scene in the early app-happy days of 2009, winning Macworld UK‘s App of the Year and drawing heaps of praise from all over the blogosphere. Three years later, the app continues to be a worthwhile addition to the music fan’s app arsenal — especially if they like vintage rock, although the app includes lots of current stuff too.

The Concert Vault free, on-demand streaming app for iPhone and Android offers all of the audio archives from WolfgangsVault.com, including over 1,500 concerts that took place in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Concert Vaults also houses Daytrotter’s collection of live performances from the past five years.

Creating an account is easy, free, and painless even if you’ve never joined Wolfgang’s Vault before. Once you’re in, the only real challenge is figuring out what you want to listen to first. You can search for specific artists; browse by artist, “collection” (of which Concert Vault boasts 14), or genre; or flip through your playlists, your most-played shows, and favorited concerts.

Concert Vault also offers a Featured section for noteworthy performances and Vault Radio, a programmed streaming station combining four of the Vault’s collections (Bill Graham, Daytrotter, King Biscuit, and Silver Eagle). The sound quality is superb — it adjusts to your bandwidth, so WiFi generally offers the best sound — and the interface is light enough that the app hardly ever crashes.

We did find one area that could use improvement, though. The Wolfgang’s Vault website has an entire section of its site dedicated to archived video footage, but you won’t find those in the app. Wolfgang’s Vault vice president of programming Matt Lundberg told Evolver.fm that his team is considering adding them at some point.