June 13, 2011 at 7:30 pm

This Week In Music Apps: Turn Photos into Music, Add Lyrics to Songs, More

This fourth installment of Evolver.fm’s This Week in Music Apps series brings a slew of interesting offerings for the discerning music enthusiast on the Apple iPhone and Google Android platforms.


Songkick (free; see our review): This long-awaited app keeps track of when your favorite bands are set to perform at a concert venue near you. The app scans your iTunes library to create a personalized calendar based on your favorite bands and location, and alerts you when your favorites are coming so you can see the band lineup for that show, purchase tickets, and invite your friends. We think it’s the best app going for concert junkies. (See our review and the other reviews included at the bottom of this post).

NowPlayer (now on sale for $1): A simple music player with a social twist, NowPlayer allows you to share your favorite music via Facebook, Twitter and email. It plays the music stored on your iPhone; a simple swipe of the finger to the left or right skips to the previous or next song, or you can swipe up or down to adjust the volume. Double tap (two fingers) enters shuffle mode, and you can customize your music’s artwork.

Musicon (free): You already know you can save web bookmarks and apps so that they look like apps on your iPhone, accessible right there on the home screen, but did you know you could do the same thing with albums? Musicon gives you the ability to add albums directly onto the home screen of your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, so no longer do you have sort through your iTunes library to play your favorite records.

iMasic ($1): Here’s a new one – this app can turn the photos on your iPhone into music. Its algorithm makes the melody from the shapes in the photos, and then it creates the timbre of each note from the color of the photo. If you like the melody, tap the Hold button to play that melody on a constant loop.

Shuffle+ ($1): Shuffle+ does the iPhone’s included shuffle function one better by displaying the song that’s coming up next in the shuffle, so you can do something about it. You can skip the next song and insert a new one in its place with simple swiping gesture, and customize the controls with whatever gestures you prefer.


TuneSync ($5): If you use iTunes and want to sync that music to your Android phone TuneSync has you covered. It transfers music wirelessly, and in addition to syncing music from iTunes to Android, TuneSync also sends over your album artwork and iTunes playlists.

TuneWiki (free): The popular TuneWiki app adds synced lyrics to your music experience, but that’s not all. It plays the songs in your Android library, streams internet radio, and lets you watch music videos, with text lyrics that can be translated into over 40 languages (“Yes, ma, I’m studying French up here!”). There’s even a social component; if your friends have TuneWiki, you can see what they’re listening to on a detailed map, along with real time charts from all over the globe that indicate which songs are popular where.

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