June 14, 2011 at 12:52 pm

Video: Music Visualizer App Literally Rocks Your World

augmented reality music videoStep one: Look around for lampposts.

Step two: Engage the muse’ic visualiser iPhone app depicted in the video below. It adds a musically influenced overlay to the world around you, augmenting your reality with real-time visual effects that alter themselves to go along with the music.

Step three: Walk into lamppost.

This app is only available in the Japanese version of iTunes, but we fully expect to see a U.S. version of some kind, because it’s just such a neat idea. Augmented Reality plus Real-Time Music Visualizer for the proverbial win — even if we wouldn’t necessarily recommend walking around the city while staring into your smartphone screen, as someone appears to do here:

YouTube Preview Image

In this version, the augmented reality app is synced to go with the song that’s playing, allowing the creator to include sillhouettes of the singer and other elements. This affords a great degree of creative control, but there’s no reason a developer couldn’t create one that works with any song.

Do you know of someone working on something like that for iTunes, Android, or any other app platform? Let us know.

  • http://SonicTruths.net Christopher Sutton

    This is quite an incredible illustration of where we’ve reached with augmented reality, so soon after smartphones started making it a practical possibility for the average Joe in the street to experience.

    Definitely another big reason I can’t wait for decent AR glasses – imagine this kind of display being your normal field of vision! Clubs will never be the same again…