June 20, 2011 at 6:02 pm

DigitalCoolio’s 3D Music Player Pro Adds Spatial, EQ Effects to iPhone

3D-Music-PlayerFor $3 from the iTunes app store, 3D Music Player Pro come with a suite of options for tweaking your music collection’s original tone and output signal. Like SRS Labs’ technology below, 3D Music Player simulates surround sound to make your music sound like you’re listening to it in a room instead of coming out of two little headphones.

In our testing, older recordings seemed to benefit from this processing even more than contemporary ones, for whatever reason. While more recently-recorded music did sound more powerful in general during testing, earlier tracks, such as 1989′s “Fools Gold,” by the Stone Roses, became significantly more expansive and ‘open.’

The bass end, which was more difficult to retain in older recording processes, was restored very naturally. And the app’s 3D effect also includes a separate slider for bass boosting alone, which we found useful in that situation.

A graphic equalizer allows listeners to boost or cut the output sound at seven different bands across the audio spectrum. If you’re not sure what you doing here, or you’re feeling lazy, you can also load presets labeled by genre.

3D Music Player Pro also includes “ON.STAGE” controls, which some will recognize as a reverb effect capable of making the music being played sound like it’s in a variety of venues, from concert hall to stadium.

You can even change speed and pitch with this app, although doing so can introduce small pops and clicks as the iPhone struggles to process all those strange new effects. If you’re not an audio purist who insists on tampering with audio signals as little as possible — and you want to highlight certain frequencies while adding a spatial sense to your music — this app is easily worth three bucks.