June 21, 2011 at 12:55 pm

Simple 10 Band EQ App Can Improve iPhone’s Sound for a Dollar

ouch mobile equalizer for iphone Ouch Mobile’s down-to-earth 10 Band EQ audio processing app loads songs from an iPhone’s music library, then lets you tweak each graphic equalization band up or down by up to 8 decibels.

Unlike other equalizers for the iPhone that we’ve tested, 10 Band EQ ($1) changes the sound immediately after you move a slider. You can save and label settings for future use, adding to several presets that come with the app. If you’re trying to fight headphones with weak bass, for example, you’ll find plenty of ammo here, but those looking for the perfect EQ app should look elsewhere.

10 Band EQ requires you to select individual songs, artists, and/or albums and import them, unlike EQu or 3D Music Player. This would be fine — except that you can’t look at the list of what’s coming up or shuffle the songs, and you’ll need to load music each time you run the app, because it doesn’t remember your list.

One unusual feature not found in these competitors is a strangely-named “analog” switch, which appeared to make our equalization changes sound more dramatic or even aggressive.

We enjoy the overall simplicity of this app, because hey, it’s just equalization, but its import function needs improvement.

For those who want to see for themselves without paying, Ouch Mobile also offers a free, three-band version called EQ3.