June 21, 2011 at 2:12 pm

SRS Labs Improves Music Apps’ Sound at the Hardware Level

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If you’re not already deeply entrenched in the Apple vs. Android vs. Windows Phone 7 vs. everyone else battle, you’re looking for nice-sounding gear — and you’re not an audiophile purist who believes that everything should sound exactly as the recording engineers mixed it, the technology that SRS Labs pre-installs on smartphones, speaker systems, tablets, headphones, car stereos, and computers should be a factor in your decision.

SRS’s audio-signal-processing technology, which can make music sound more expansive, and in some models can simulate surround sound, are available in devices like the HTC Evo, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and others.

You can also download the sound effect as a free iPhone app — but only if you have the dongle that goes with it.

In our listening, we found the “SRS effect” to distribute the sound more evenly across the frequencies, and noticed more bass-end warmth, even on small earbuds. Some devices contain the surround sound emulator, which tricks your ears into believing there is sound coming from all around you, rather than just from a left and a right channel.

As we mentioned in our collection of apps that can help your iPhone sound better, depending on the situation, headphones and speakers are a bigger factor hardware-wise than this sort of sound processing in reproducing sound in a pleasing way.

But if you like the way SRS’s effect sounds (listen here), it should be a consideration when choosing between similar devices — say, an Android phone that has SRS and one that doesn’t.

(Image courtesy of SRS Labs)

  • Sander

    Can I get this in my iPhone without Any Dongle or what? I cAnt clear that up