June 27, 2011 at 3:49 pm

How To Turn YouTube Videos into Ringtones

If hell is other people’s ringtones, purgatory is being forced to choose from a preset list of ringtones for your own phone.

Most smartphones fall on the side of allowing you to choose any audio as your ringtone, but it’s not the simplest thing in the world to make them and transfer them to your phone — especially on the iPhone.

Brinked.com offers a nice web app for converting any MP3, WAV or OGG music file into a ringtone, but we were more interested to see that it’s also capable of grabbing the audio from YouTube videos and making ringtones out of those, for free.

The process is fairly self-explanatory, but we recommend creating an account before you get started, because the app didn’t work otherwise. Then, point your browser to Brinked.com’s ringtone creator, and off we go.

1. Choose the option for “Create from YouTube URL” and paste in the URL of the YouTube video you want to turn into a ringtone. You can also search YouTube from here if you don’t know the URL:

2.  The Brinked web app loads the file :

3. Select the section of the song you wish to use as a ringtone, using your mouse (it’s easier than entering the numbers). You can also choose to have it fade in and/or out here:

4. Now it’s time to name your ringtone. Mine is “Prisencolinensinainciusol;” for the purposes of this demo, I have agreed that this is not copyrighted material (although that’s a silly question, really, because any original recording is technically copyrighted):

5. The ringtone has been created — but wait! Do not click “Send to Phone,” or you will be redirected to a ringtone reseller that has nothing to do with what you created.

6. Download the ringtone in the format of your choice. For Android, this means MP3; for iPhone, it means M4R.

7. Depending on your phone, you’ll have to follow a different process for getting the file onto your phone and activating it as a ringtone. It’s fairly straightforward on Android.

On an iPhone, you’ll need to drag the M4R file onto the Library section of iTunes, then connect your iPhone to your computer. Click on the iPhone in iTunes, and go to the Ringtones tab. Choose Sync Selected Ringtones, and check the box next to your new ringtone.

Now, sync your iPhone to send the ringtone onto it. On the iPhone, go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone and select your new ringtone. This last bit may not have been easy, but hopefully your excellent choice in ringtone made the whole process worth it.

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    Wait…. is this legal?

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    Can I transfer the ringtone to a phone, such as a LG Cosmos 2, if they send it from the droid?

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    i use a freeware to download videos from youtube, named ifunia free youtube downloader

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    Teacher! Don’t you need our homework?

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    is there a step im missing because my itunes wont import the file into the library?

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    I prefer to use Video Converter Assist.