June 30, 2011 at 1:17 pm

Dozzzer iPhone App Lulls You To Sleep, But in a Good Way

dozzzer sleep iphone appFalling asleep to music is great, except when the music keeps you awake. Solving the problem: the Dozzzer app, released this week for Apple iOS devices.

Select any of the music stored on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, decide how long you wish to hear music, and start counting sheep. Dozzzer ($1) will play all of that music, slowly and steadily decreasing the volume over time, the way only a computer can, until you’re faded to black.

It’s a simple app — but potentially quite useful, especially if you have an Apple TV, Airport Express, or AirPlay-enabled sound system, in which case Dozzzer can play the music over your speakers so you (or perhaps the child you are trying to convince to sleep) don’t have to sleep with your headphones on.

The app is multi-tasking enabled, so the music will continue to play even if you remember something you forgot to take care off as you drift off, and its developer points out that the app’s white-on-black design makes it less likely to keep you awake.