June 30, 2011 at 2:43 pm

RadioSoulwax Syncs Album Covers to Mangled Samples


You have almost certainly never seen a music app like this one before. RadioSoulWax, otherwise known as 2manydjs, were instrumental figures in the early mash-up scene, and continue to innovate with their first iPhone app: RadioSoulWax.

For now, the app includes one 24-hour mix that you can stream or download. It’s over 500MB, so streaming is likely the better option, but the download option is nice — especially if you’re on a limited data plan, because you can grab the whole thing via WiFi before you head out the door.

So, what is it? Well, that depends. Each 24-hour mix in the RadioSoulWax iPhone app (free) will have its own theme, and a new mix will appear each week. The first one, Introversy, is a massive compendium of stitched-together song intros. Upcoming installments include “Cover Version Covers” (cover songs with album covers), “Under The Covers Live On Tour” (we assume this one is 2manydjs playing live), and the enigmatically-titled “Library Girl.”

This thing is rife with sonic originality, but perhaps the best thing about the app is the way the duo hacked the album covers of the currently-playing sample with all sort of goofy animations that must be seen to be believed, all of them synced to the music. It must have taken forever to make this. From the description:

We have no idea how you will experience this, though, whether it will be too intense or too much to take in, or perhaps not enough. All we know is that we love it and had to do it, even though everyone called us crazy.

We spent ages trying to get everything to sound, look and feel right. We hope you appreciate this labour of love as it has taken a ridiculous amount of work.

We do appreciate it, RadioSoulwax, we really do.

However, Apple TV owners will wish the app were AirPlay-enabled because this stuff would be great to see on a television. Hopefully the next version will add that capability, because 24 hours of carefully-created album cover animations is a terrible thing to waste.