July 1, 2011 at 4:06 pm

How to Scrobble Music on Turntable.fm

scrobbler for turntable.fm turntable fmJust yesterday, we found ourselves wishing for a way to scrobble songs played in Turntable.fm rooms to our Last.fm accounts. Today, we received word from Conan Neutron of the band Victory and Associates that such a thing is possible.

For the uninitiated, Turntable.fm is a group listening service. And scrobbling is when you track what you’re listening to on a public Last.fm profile so that people know how cool you are.

Turntable.FM Scrobbler, a Google Chrome extension, is the work of Omaha, Nebraska-based software developer and scrobbling enthusiast Gabe Kangas, who earlier created a similar program called PandoraFM that scrobbles Pandora to Last.fm.

scrobble turntable fmTo use it, simply install the extension and then listen to Turntable.fm as usual, assuming you can still get in. Then refresh your browser window, if you’re already using Turntable.fm, and watch as the tracks played by the DJ appear on your Last.fm profile, with which other services can recommend music you’ll like.

Or, if you prefer to listen to a real turntable, try Scrobbyl.

(via Conan NeutronSilicon Prairie News)

  • llbbl

    very nice. going to give this chrome extension a try. 

  • Jon

    Scrobbles all the other songs playing in the room as well, not just mine. Is there a way to change this so it only scrobbles my tunes, or maybe an update at some point?

  • Anonymous

    Would like to know this as well. I already have a problem with having only 1 play for hundreds of artists and I don’t want it to get worse. Would much rather it prompt a confirmation for each scrobble so that I only confirm artists I’m familiar with.