July 5, 2011 at 1:55 pm

How To Track DJs, Songs, Rooms in Turntable.fm

turntable dashboard

Yes, we know: You’re really cool because you’ve been using Turntable.fm longer than your friends, possibly thanks to our early sneak peek.

But you know what’s even cooler, when it comes to putting the “nerd” back in “music nerd?” Installing a bookmarklet that lets you peek underneath the hood of this group listening service.

Enter Turntable Dashboard, an unofficial Turntable.fm power tool that lets you find out that former Gamespot editor Jeff Gerstman appears to be the fourth-most-popular DJ on the service, that rooms there have been rickrolled 49 times to date, and that DJ Wooooo’s House/Dance/Electro Room saw its users spike around lunchtime today.

turntable stats turntablefm, turntable.fmInstall this open-source bookmarklet in your browser, and click it while listening to Turntable.fm to see a new button appear called Statistics (screenshot to the right). This lets you access Turntable Dashboard’s leaderboard, check the stats for any room, and search for any user to see how many DJ points and fans they have.

Turntable Dashboard currently tracks rooms with 20 users or more automatically, and room creators can petition to have theirs included even with fewer users by contacting its creator Alain Gilbert, who makes it clear that his creation is not officially endorsed by Turntable.fm… although maybe it should be.

So, how does he do it? We’re not sure. Turntable.fm lacks an open API for developers to tap into, and Gilbert says, “For the moment I keep my back-end secret.”

(Thanks to Manny from Control+R for the heads-up.)