July 12, 2011 at 4:53 pm

ShapeMix Suggests iPhones Are for Trying iPad Apps

shapemix mobile remixing iphone appWe’ve heard that people who own iPads also tend to own iPhones, which stands to reason. Now, enterprising app developers have realized they can use iPhone apps as a sort of trial version of a more fully-fledged — and more expensive — iPad version.

We first noticed this with Algorridim, a DJ app that only costs $1 for the iPhone, or $20 for the iPad version. The iPhone version is basically a toy, but it demonstrates the value of the application and lets you see how it works. If you’re an actual DJ, the iPad version is about 20 times more useful — thus the price difference.

ShapeMix, whose $5 iPad version we covered earlier, tells Evolver.fm that tomorrow (Wednesday) it will announce an iPhone version called ShapeMix Mobile that costs nothing at all.

shapemix mobile remixing appIn both forms, ShapeMix lets music fans with or without previous mixing skills get their hands dirty with various songs, remixing their elements in a number of interesting ways. Basically, you tap these little blips in various ways and the song changes accordingly — it lets you really play music, instead of just listening.

The free iPhone version of ShapeMix comes with 100 songs for your remixing pleasure — just like the paid iPad version — and includes the same functionality on a smaller screen. We wouldn’t be surprised to see more developers of graphics-reliant apps take a similar approach, because once you get a taste of how it works, you might crave the larger pasture available on the iPad.

In both versions, ShapeMix also functions as a remix stems store, in that you can buy (or, in some cases, download for free) specially-processed songs that can be remixed within the apps from the ShapeMix Music Marketplace.

What’s that, you say? You don’t buy music anymore? Well, what if each song came with the tools to deconstruct the original and make your own version? That has to count for something, ShapeMix is betting, and we’re inclined to agree.

If this sounds intriguing, check out the free iPhone version of ShapeMix. Be careful, though; if you like it, the big version will cost you.