July 15, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Cruise Control Music Player Lacks Flexibility

cruise control car player best apps for not crashing your carWhen it comes to apps that blow up your display for a safer music experience in the car, Cruise Control offers one of the least flexible options we’ve seen, especially compared to one of our favored apps in this category, Big Button Music Player.

In the interest of providing the most thorough overview of iPhone music players for the car, here’s a review that might save you a dollar’s worth of frustration.

Cruise Control ($1) sits somewhere between a streamlined version of the iPhone’s native iPod player app and a dumbed-down G1 iPod shuffle, though it leans towards the latter.

The app seemed fine at first, with a screen divided into five large buttons for Play/Pause, Skip, Previous, and 30-second skip forward or back. These buttons are not reassignable; what you see is what you get, and there’s no way to select music from your library from within the app.

Thats right — this app, which is intended to simplify queuing your music while you drive, is completely useless if you don’t select music in the native iPod app first, so basically, it makes you use two apps to play music. Once the music starts, you’re locked in to that artist, album, or playlist until you exit the app and select something else in the iPod app.

The long and short of it: This app could use a little work before it’s road-ready, and even more before it’s worth a buck.