July 15, 2011 at 11:07 am

‘Slow Down’ Car Music Player Is Your New Belgian Mother-in-Law

Slow Down brings a novel approach to playing iPhone music in the car. If you drive too fast, it slows down the speed of your tunes, much like the way a record player slows down songs when you drag a finger on the record.

The product of a Belgian firm, Slow Down (free) only deals on kilometers per hour, which probably makes it a deal-breaker for most stateside users. But its is a fascinating concept, and one we eventually expect to be applied in miles per hour — whether by its developer, Happiness Brussels, or some other enterprising company.

This is the first app we’ve seen that not only offers a simplified interface for selecting music as you drive, but also reminds you to ease up on that lead foot.

slow down music player best iphone apps for not crashing your carSpeed limits are available as three presets: 50 kph rounds out to a little over 30 mph; 90 kph is 55-ish; and “120″ is the equivalent of our 75.

A quick scan of user reviews suggests that stateside users may not be too keen on having to calculate those conversions.

While the speed limit buttons are rather large, the actual playback controls are relatively small for a car music player — another area where this innovative app could be improved. Instead of allowing active playback, Slow Down takes more of a ‘set it and forget it’ approach (which is probably safer) by encouraging users to build a quick playlist in the app before they drive.

Testing in traffic-snarled Boston, where speed limits signs are rare and speeds excessive of 30 mph rarely encountered, we didn’t have much use for the speed limit function of this app. But during longer stints of highway driving, this app’s gentle, sonically-delivered reminder not to exceed 30, 55 or 75 mph could possibly save you a ticket.