August 16, 2011 at 3:00 pm

Revamped Turns Music Blogs into ‘Audio Magazine’ – Exclusive iPad Details

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In addition to genres, now lets you listen by popularity, specific blog, or by searching. relaunched its web app on Tuesday with a slew of new, convenient ways to listen to music blogs on a web browser — and, soon, the iPad.

The first iteration, which I covered just before it launched about a year ago, reduced the entire “muso-blogosphere,” if you will, into neat genre channels.

This simple approach worked fine, but apparently, the good folks at realized that people don’t always want to listen to general areas of music — they want specifics, whether that means an artist, song, album, blog, or music feed designed for their taste.

The web app version of (with the iPad version still to come, although we’ve waited about a year for that already) adds the following elements (courtesy of the blog):

Play a Blog. Navigate through a directory of thousands of music blogs and play just your favourite blog in one continuous mix, a radio station made from your favourite blog. For example, play Pitchfork Radio here.

Popular. Browse through the web’s most popular songs and artists. Play the chart and the blogs posting about them. Like a blog you find? Play its individual channel or subscribe to its music feed.

Search. Search the music blogosphere for your favourite artists and blogs posting about them.

Personal channel. Save your favourite tracks to your own personal audio magazine and subscribe to your favourite music blogs and receive updates from them.

Blog accounts. Music blogs can now set up their own accounts via Bloggers get new tools and buttons for their blog, such as the Play This Blog button which launches the blog’s own channel.

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When you click through to a blog,'s playback controls stick to the top of the screen so you can listen as you read.

These are all fine improvements, but of course, an iPad version would be nice. This web app seems expressly designed for curling up on the couch to listen to and read about what the cool kids are into that day. has confirmed that the iPad app will have AirPlay support, so you can listen on your nice speakers instead of relying on headphones or stringing a cable across the floor. Nice!

We’ve been looking forward to seeing an iPad version of for about a year now; the announcement says we can expect it to be released in the coming months, pending Apple’s approval. For now, try the web version and stay tuned for news on the iPad app.

Update: uses the audio fingerprinter Echoprint, released with a free, open-source license by The Echo Nest, publisher of