September 11, 2011 at 4:48 pm

“Hey I’m” Is Like for Venues

hey i'm techcrunch disrupt hackathon sfIf you’ve used for the web (and soon the iPhone), you understand the allure of letting people DJ to each other and rate the songs. We heard that someone even threw a party at an actual venue, which is sort of the idea behind the Hey I’m app.

Created by Brett Barros, Rob Skillington, Reuben Bond, David Reaburn at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon this weekend, their oddly-named “Hey I’m” app lets groups DJ music for each other, although the venue must have something that can run Flash on hand — an Android smartphone, an Android (or other non-iOS) tablet, or any computer. Anyone there can add songs.

“While there, you can DJ, adding tracks and uploading songs into the playlist,” explained the group’s spokesman. “You can also send kudos to those around you, connecting people that might otherwise be too shy to introduce themselves.”

If you have the Flash-compatible mobile hardware, you can throw one of these parties in your car, or anywhere else.

“If you’re more of a house party type, you can create your own venue wherever you are,” he added. “Who knows, maybe your [car] could be a venue on your next trip.”

Hey I’m relies in part on APIs from CityGrid Media for venue information, for something, Grooveshark for songs, and Twitter for authentication.

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