September 13, 2011 at 3:17 pm

EventSound Makes Friend-Optimized Party Playlists via Facebook

Hackers work on their entries at TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon (photo courtesy of TechCrunch, link below).

The TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon ended on Sunday, but we’re still making good on our solemn pledge to cover every single music app to emerge from the event, which saw over 700 hackers build 130 hacks and apps during a single 24-hour period.

The only Facebook music app to emerge from the competition, EventSound, from developers Nobuaki Suzuki and Tatsuya Yamamoto, takes advantage of the fact that many people create invite lists for their parties on Facebook these days, by analyzing users’ music collections to generate the perfect playlist of music for the event, based on who has RSVPed. (To generate the playlist, EventSound relies on technology from The Echo Nest, publisher of

That’s all we know about EventSound for now, and we neglected to shoot a photo. If it gets released into a public version, of course, we expect it to mesh nicely with Facebook’s other music plans.

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(Photo courtesy of TechCrunch)