September 21, 2011 at 10:53 am

New Facebook Real-Time Feed: Is This Where the Music Will Go?

We can’t stop writing about Facebook today, because after months of anticipation, tomorrow is the day when it will announce new sharing features for music and other media that could form a “connective tissue” between the various services used by music fans.

Today, Facebook remade itself (again), much to the consternation of users (again), who took to the social network to complain in droves. Apparently, the irony of finding it necessary to use a platform to deride the uselessness of that same platform is lost on many. has an interesting take on Facebook's new real-time feed.

As part of that redesign, Facebook launched a real-time activity feed along the right side of the screen (see screenshot), which tells users what their friends have been up to — commenting on stuff you haven’t seen yet, friending each other, and so on, as opposed to the main activity feed, which shows you stuff asynchronously that’s more likely to be of interest.

We know Facebook is going to let people see what their friends are listening to, and in some cases, join them in real time. We’re pretty sure that the real-time feed pictured above is where that listening activity will surface.

Stay tuned… people are complaining about the new Facebook today, but tomorrow, they could be more than happy to use it as a way to find out what their friends are listening to, join them, and chat about what they hear.