• http://twitter.com/ptrwtts Peter Watts

    There’s so many pieces of the social music consumption puzzle that are ripe for disruption. While, this a big step forward, Facebook is still only scratching the surface. They will always be a social network first and a music portal second, which is why someone else will step up to the plate.

  • Annoyed

    Facebook is FAILING badly with music.

    All but one of the timeline music apps are for use in the US only, and the only one that can be used elsewhere sucks.  Haven’t ever heard of most of the artists on it.

    Used to be that you could feed what you were listening to on Last.fm etc to a box on your profile – at the moment if you live outside the US, the only way to share what you’re listening to with friends is to post a damn link to the video on YouTube.

    So annoyed.