September 26, 2011 at 12:51 pm

The Beatbox Machine Turns Your ‘Beats’ into Actual Drumbeats

the beatbox machineMusic Hack Day Montreal saw the creation of 24 functional music apps within a 24-hour period; one of the first to catch our eye was The Beatbox Machine, which promises to let users make beats with their mouths (i.e. “beatbox”), record it with their computers’ microphones — then listen in amazement, as the web app spits out (so to speak) a version of the beat in which vocal beats are replaced with actual drum samples.

Using this technology (or, more likely, its descendants), it should be possible to write a rhythm track using only your mouth and your imagination.

To make The Beatbox Machine work, you need to change your Macromedia Flash permissions. Hey, cut these developers some slack -- they built this on the weekend while you were watching television.

The Beatbox Machine actually works, with a few caveats: You have to use a Mac, it helps to use the Chrome browser, and even then, you have to first visit The BeatBox Machine, then go here and click “Always Allow” in your Macromedia Flash permissions settings next to (screenshot to the right).

Once you do that, just tap that big red record button and let ‘er rip. That’s what I did this morning, with mixed results, which you can listen to here. Notice that when The Beatbox Machine can’t figure out how to turn an element of your beat into a drum machine sample, it leaves it alone, which is a nice touch, because it keeps your rhythm intact.

Listen to our attempt at making an instant beat with The Beatbox Machine here: Tests The Beatbox Machine

(The Beatbox Machine analyzes your recording using audio analysis tools from The Echo Nestpublisher of, and also integrates with SoundCloud to make it easier to share your mixes with the world.)

  • svante stadler

    I’m intrigued by the concept (I have been working on an iphone app along the same lines), but I couldn’t get it to work. It only says: Sorry, that song didn’t work. Try another!  (which seems like an inheritance from wubmachine). And this was in chrome on mac. Worse, I can’t even listen to your example – the link only goes to the top of the page. Anyone care to share some examples of this thing?