September 26, 2011 at 5:13 pm

The New Wub Machine Makes Any MP3 into Dubstep or Electro-House

We were mightily impressed by The Wub Machine the first time around, but now that its creator Peter Sobot spent his 24 hours at Music Hack Day Montreal creating a new version, we’re even more tickled with the way this web app remixes any MP3 on our hard drive automatically in seconds.

The Wub Machine (v.2) ratchets the “automatic remix” concept to the next level, adding fancy graphics, SoundCloud integration, and — perhaps most importantly from a musical perspective — the ability to remix any MP3 on your hard drive into not only dubstep, but also another hot genre of the moment: electro-house. (To do this, it uses Analyze and Remix APIs from The Echo Nest, which publishes All you need to do is drag the MP3 onto the web app, and presto-changeo, you can stream, download, or embed your remix on SoundCloud.

Listen for yourself. In honor of R.E.M., which disbanded last week, we used The Wub Machine to make a dubstep version of their song “I Am Superman” (above) and an electro-house version of their “Turn You Inside Out” (below), which we feel was a particularly apt choice:

If you find this amusing, you’ll probably also like its spinoff, The Beatbox Machine.