September 27, 2011 at 5:12 pm

Top 30 Music Apps from Windows Phone Marketplace

Following a trend set by Apple and Google, Microsoft has turned its formerly-device-gated app store into something you can check out from any web browser (and link to from publications that write about apps).

The web welcomes a new app store today: Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace. Scoff if you must, but until you’ve tried the Windows Phone 7, with all due respect, you might not know what you’re talking about. It’s a beautifully-designed, responsive platform, and it could make a real dent now that Nokia’s on board.

None other than the head of Verizon thought Windows Phone 7 would beat Blackberry to become the third ecosystem behind iOS and Android, according to an erroneous InformationWeek article, since updated, which was believable enough to have been picked up by several other publications. Hey, it could happen. Again — have you used it?

Windows Phone Marketplace offers over 30,000 free and paid apps, as noted by, in 16 categories with all the usual stuff: icon, price, a rating, description, screenshots and user reviews. We’ve already checked it out on the Windows Zune software and on a Windows Phone 7. Now that it’s finally available on the web, we decided to do a little legwork to figure out where things stand music-wise on this, day one of the web-based Windows Phone Marketplace.

Like many others, this app store splits music apps between two categories, entertainment and music + video, each of which include lots of non-music entries, so you can’t browse them all in one simple “top 30″ list, the way you can here:

  • SuperMusic lets you download MP3s from music blogs and other websites.
  • SuperTube plays and shares YouTube videos, including millions of songs.
  • iPlayer turns the Windows Phone 7 into an iPod-on-a-touchscreen (ha!).
  • Voicy Changer lets you record your voice or other sounds, add effects, and share the recordings on Facebook.
  • SiriusXM Buddy lets satellite radio subscribers listen on the Windows Phone 7. $2 removes ads.
  • LazyTube also plays and shares YouTube videos, including millions of songs.
  • Music Player lets you play music, but doesn’t seem to add anything the included Zune player doesn’t do.
  • myMedia WP7 plays music stored on home computers running TVersity servers.
  • playMusic provides another alternative to the native Zune music player.
  • Auto Pitch autotunes your voice, just like the pros do, and record the results.
  • Voice Changer adds effects to your singing, records it, and shares it.
  • World Radio plays thousands of radio stations from 60 countries.
  • Shazam Encore identifies the music playing around you, so you can share or buy it.
  • Honey Guitar plays guitar chords or pick out single notes on a fretboard.
  • Sat Rad plays Sirius XM satellite radio on the Windows Phone 7, and includes the ability to link with your car stereo via Bluetooth.
  • BBC Radio Player brings The Beeb (not necessarily The Bieb) to the Windows Phone 7.
  • Billboard lets you see the top music charts, hear samples, and buy tracks from Zune.
  • Pianist lets you play a piano sort of as if you were one.
  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs shows you how to play over 300,000 songs.
  • FM Radio maps nearby terrestrial stations based on your location and lets you listen via FM radio. Yes, the Windows Phone 7 has one.
  • CarTunes (part of our car player safety roundup) makes it easier to play music while your driving and, ostensibly, harder to crash while doing so.
  • Smallest Violin offers the perfect response to pseudo-tragic events.
  • Drums presents a drum kit for you to tap on.
  • Guitar Tuner keeps your axe tuned up.
  • Metro Wall makes wallpaper for your phone by selecting album covers randomly.
  • AudioRecorder lets you record WAV files and transfer them to PC.
  • TweetThisSong sends out a tweet referencing whatever song you’re listening to on your Windows Phone 7′s Zune player with one tap of a button.
  • Qloud Media streams music from your personal Qloud server.
  • Maestro Pro records melodies you compose on a piano interface.
  • Internet Radio Tuner pulls in web radio from a online stations worldwide.
Windows Phone 7 users don’t have nearly as many apps to choose from as people with Android or iOS users. But for those developers that make a dent, that relative paucity can actually be a good thing. Let’s see how long it lasts, because, again, Windows Phone 7 isn’t as bad as you may have been led to believe.