October 5, 2011 at 3:05 pm

MTV’s O Music Awards to Honor Best Apps, Hacks, and More

mtv o music awards online digital musicWhen MTV’s second O Music Awards air later this month, we’ll receive an answer to a question pondered over many sleepless nights. No, it’s not about the future of the iPod or Facebook music, and it’s got nothing to do with Wub Machines and reality remixers.

The question: Who is the web’s Hottest Music NYLF (Nerd You’d Like to Fund)? Is it Topspin CEO Ian Rogers, with his long, rockstar locks? How about Turntable.fm developer and sometimes artist Billy Chasen? Or perhaps it’s Gregory Brothers chanteuse Sarah Fullen Gregory, who helped make Auto-Tune the News and Bed Intruder Song?

The O Music Awards, broadcasting live at OMusicAwards.com on October 31, aim to honor the best in digital music the web has to offer in categories like Best Web-Born Artist, Best Vintage Viral Video, and Must Follow Artist on Twitter. Perhaps most interesting to NYLFs — er, nerds, like us, they’ll also give awards for Best Music App, Best Music Hack, and Most Addictive Social Music Service. (Disclosure: Evolver.fm editor Eliot Van Buskirk provided a few suggestions.)

o music awards best music app exfm souncloud songkickThe fields are littered with nominations for Evolver.fm favorites (including many we didn’t suggest specifically). +Music, the Google Chrome extension that turns the web into one big music player, gets a nod for Best Music Hack, as does Spotify playlist generator Echofi. The Most Addictive Social Music Service category includes such heavyweights as Spotify, Rdio, and Turntable.fm, while Aweditorium and Songkick are both nominated for Best Music App.

Your votes determine the winners (watch out — the Beliebers are involved too.) If any of the fields are missing your favorite app, rest assured that MTV is taking write-in nominations as well.

Celebrity-oriented categories will probably attract the biggest draw, but this MTV event demonstrates that the digital music conversation revolves around relative unknowns from the tech field, too. MTV wouldn’t include a category for Best Music Hack if it didn’t think its audience cared. We’re tickled that the creators of SoundCloud,  exfm, or even Nyan Cat could be honored at the same ceremony as on-stage regulars like Lady Gaga and Cher.

If you’re interested, tune in to MTV’s O Music awards at OMusicAwards.com on October 31. Select content will also air on MTV, VH1, CMT, LogoTV, and MTVHive.