October 7, 2011 at 2:33 pm

Spotify Plans to Let Developers Sell Spotify-Powered Apps

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The makers of Spotify-powered apps like Spotiseek can't charge for them... yet.

At a NYC MusicTechnology Meetup earlier this week, we saw Spotify developer community manager Andrew Mager demonstrate ten awesome Spotify-powered apps.

For now, all apps built on top of Spotify’s 15-million-licensed-song music catalog for the web or, as of recently, iOS are free. Spotify currently restricts developers from building commercial apps with its music, but that’s about to change.

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Spotify has plans to allow developers to sell those apps or embed ads in them, offering independent app developers a way to make money when they make stuff out of Spotify.

“We’re working on a commercial terms of use,” explained Mager. “This isn’t really in the terms yet, but this is kind of where we’re headed. You should be able to charge for your app, display ads — no rev[enue] share right now. We’re considering developer input as well.”

Developers can already build apps on the Spotify platform for the web and iOS, but soon, Android smartphones and tablets will be part of the equation.

“LibSpotify for Android is coming soon as well,” added Mager.

Wait, I’m confused: Music fans get to use whatever platform they want, developers can build whatever they want, all of it is free (with ads) and legal, and musicians get paid (though some argue too little).

Is digital music starting to make sense?