October 7, 2011 at 1:59 pm

Video: Jamie Lidell Makes a Song with iMaschine for iOS in Bed

imaschineIf this video is any indication, Jamie Lidell does more before he gets out of bed than some recording artists do in a week.

According Native Instruments, which makes the iMaschine iOS app, “The entire performance was done live in one take, with nothing pre-recorded, and no post-production edits made to the song.”

This app is no joke; it really does pack everything you need to create fairly complex music: an MPC-style sample pad, a keyboard for playing melodies, an audio recorder for singing, and the ability to import samples from “any source,” meaning that it can incorporate stuff you made with other instruments or apps.

Watch Lidell do his thing here:

YouTube Preview Image

(via Gizmodo)