October 28, 2011 at 11:05 am

Live Radio: Evolver.fm Takes On Senator Orrin Hatch, Demos Music Hacks

Evolver.fm demonstrated the Wub Machine live on stage in New York City last week.

This past week, Evolver.fm has been tearing up the airwaves with talk of music apps and the Protect IP Act, cosponsored by Utah senator and longtime copyright conservative Orrin Hatch, which would remove flies like RapidShare from the music industry’s ointment while possibly breaking the internet.

On Wednesday, I appeared on Utah radio station KVNU‘s political program “For The People” to explain why this is such an interesting time for music fans and other people to be alive — and to explain what’s wrong with the well-meaning Protect IP bill:

KVNU's Jason Williams and Evolver.fm's Eliot Van Buskirk discuss the Protect IP bill, digital music, and internet history

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, cosponsor of the Protect IP bill, appeared next, but didn’t appear to discuss the bill as planned:

Senator Orrin Hatch appears next


Last Thursday, in New York’s Chelsea Market last week, I appeared live on stage with WNYC SoundCheck‘s John Shaefer, whose program appears nationwide on NPR, as part of their Re:Mix Lab series to demonstrate some of the most impressive hacks from Montreal Music Hack Day in front of a live studio audience.

Apologies to Schaeffer — I muted the volume on my laptop, so the first demo sounded a bit off, but such is the way of live radio, and I fixed it before too long. Anyway, if you want to hear about some cutting-edge music apps, as well as enjoy performances from DJ Spooky and Bubblyfish, check it out: