AL Voice Recorder


by Johannes Borchardt


Publisher's Description

A beautiful and simple voice recorder that can manage all your voice recordings. Record everything you like with this handy app. The AL Voice Recorder includes a file browser to browse and play all your audio files and a recorder to make new audio records. Features: + Make new voice records + Browse your SD Card for existing voice records + Delete voice records + Rename voice records + Send voice records (via GMail, SMS and so on) + Set voice records as ringtone + Record in WAV-Format (not supported on all devices) + Set the sample rate of your WAV-recordings + Record in .3gp-Format + Lots of settings + Intuitive navigation + App2SD This app is similar to apps like Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder, Virtual Recorder or Voice Recorder. There are some known bugs on some devices, please give me time to fix this.

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